Optimize Apple App Store Ads for
not just downloads

With our ROI-driven platform, you increase revenue by running Apple App Store Ads with a focus on in-app purchases and other conversions.

Our Apple App Store Ads Optimization Service Integrates with Your Analytics Tools

SearchAdsHQ bridges the gap between dynamic search ads of the App Store and your Mobile Attribution and Analytics so you can optimize campaigns towards actions and events that maximize your ROI.

Built to help mobile marketers and user acquisition teams run dynamic search ads that pay off

With SearchAdsHQ, you launch dynamic search ads on the Apple's App Store and analyze CPA, ROI, ARPU and in-app conversions on any level: account, app, campaign, etc.

Optimize ads for goals

Use any event from your mobile attribution system as a goal for Apple App Store Ads optimization. Focus your ad spend on registrations and purchases, not just downloads.

Track ADS performance

See which Apple App Store ads campaigns, ad groups and keywords drive in-app events like registrations and purchases and at what cost.

React on results instantly

Identify failing campaigns and instantly update budgets, bids, keyword texts and match types across multiple keywords. Be forehanded in ads optimization!

See room for growth

Find best and worst performing segments and keywords with advanced filters and drill-downs across multiple dimensions.

Run App Store Ads with high-ROI keywords groups

There are keywords that drive paying users. SearchAdsHQ tells you how to find them and promote with these keywords.
Identify high-potential keywords basing on hard numbers: Apple Search Ads popularity, organic volume, and suggested bid.
See how keywords compete in search results and predict how well App Store search ads campaigns will perform without spending a fortune on testing.
Expand on other markets with your App Store ads by creating localizations of the most effective keywords.
Build and save keyword lists to use top performing ones for future Apple search ads campaigns.

Create laser-targeted Apple App Store Ads campaigns and scale successful ones

Split Apple App Store Ads by dimensions to automate the creation of new campaigns and reduce "monkey-job".

Automate campaign creation

With automation tools of SearchAdsHQ, you create multiple campaigns, ad groups and keyword lists in minutes.

Own campaigns, literally

Take full control over your bidding and targeting, get as granular as you need while staying efficient.

Use granular targeting

Test dozens of narrow Apple App Store Ads targeting combinations, including gender, age, geo, devices and other.

SearchAdsHQ Offers a Strategic Solution for Your Mobile Marketing

Our goal is to maximize your ROI. When you use SearchAdsHQ, our customer success team works alongside to ensure you get maximum results.

Product Training

Our customer success team will guide you through all steps to launching your first dynamic search ads campaign for the Apple App Store. If you have any questions or need help, additional trainings for you and your team can be scheduled at any time.

A/B Test Ads and Creatives

Make sure a preview of your app drives new users before launching campaigns. We will help you to launch A/B tests of your app's page on the App Store to choose an icon, description and screenshots that will work best.

Keyword Audit

In SearchAdsHQ, we evaluate keywords you use automatically. But we want to ensure your team gets the most from launching Apple App Store Ads and our platform from the very beginning! We offer a strategic guidance on choosing initial keywords for your Apple search ads and share statistics on types that perform best.

Full Personalized Support

Once you need support with a feature or launching campaigns, you dedicated customer success manager will be right here to help. Contact us through the live chat, email or phone to get personalized support right away.

Let's open an account for you!

Sign up for a demo now and our customer manager will contact you to make a product training session and help you with setting up your account and launching the first search ads campaign.