Apple Search Ads Benchmarks Report 2019

Understand Apple Search Ads performance in every App Store category.

Get key Apple Search Ads performance metrics (TTR, CVR, CPT, CPA, etc.). Compare your own marketing stats with the industry benchmarks to find growth opportunities and better manage your ads on the App Store.

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What’s Inside?

Apple Search Ads Benchmarks Report 2019 is based on SearchAdsHQ data on market averages across 16 App Store categories and 13 storefronts.

We’ve analyzed 21M app downloads, over 670M impressions and over 8K ad campaigns in order to provide industry benchmarks on the most important ad performance metrics, including:

  • Tap-through Rate (TTR);
  • Conversion Rate (CVR);
  • Cost per Tap (CPT);
  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

In addition to main benchmarks, we've included the Apple Search Ads performance comparison with Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads. Also, year-over-year performance analysis is included.

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Preview of Apple Search Ads Benchmarks Report

There are approximately 2 million apps out there on the App Store. Visibility and discoverability in this huge ocean of apps may be quite a challenge for iOS app marketers.

Apple Search Ads (ASA) has emerged as a tool to reach out to potential highly motivated users at the exact moment they do the app searching. Apple claims remarkable performance of its paid network: 50% average conversion rate and 65% download rate that results from search queries on the App Store.

But how does Apple Search Ads cope with user acquisition in practice? To get the real picture, we’ve researched the accounts linked to our SearchAdsHQ platform. Apple Search Ads benchmarks featured in this report are based on the data obtained from July 2018 to February 2019:

  • 3M Apple Search Ads keywords
  • 8K ASA ad campaigns
  • 670M Apple Search Ads impressions
  • 40M taps on the App Store ads
  • 21M iOS app downloads
  • 16 App Store categories
  • 13 Apple Search Ads storefronts

Average Apple Search Ads TTR (Tap-through Rate)

The SearchAdsHQ team has made research to reveal that the current average TTR on Apple Search Ads is about 6.06%. Compare: last year the average conversion rate of the App Store ads from impressions to taps hovered around 7.11%.

The decrease in the TTR average by approximately 1% suggests that the App Store audience becomes more immune to promoted apps. Instead of tapping on a blue-tinted Apple Search Ads banner, they tend to focus on organic search results.

Is the TTR of 6.06% poor or healthy? To figure it out, let’s compare Apple Search Ads conversion from impressions to taps with the same benchmarks for other mobile app ad channels.

We’ve compared Tap/Click-through rate averages for Apple Search Ads and the two most popular ad channels – Google Ads and Facebook. It turns out that Apple Search Ads is still the most high-performing ad channel in terms of conversion from impressions to taps (clicks). The runner up is Google Search, but it lags well behind, which makes the Apple’s ad network definitely worth trying.

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