Apple Search Ads Benchmarks Report 2020

Apple Search Ads Benchmarks Report 2020

Get the latest Apple Search Ads cost and performance benchmarks.

Understand average metrics – TTR, CR, CPT and Apple Search Ads Cost per Install – across the most popular categories and storefronts. Measure your stats against the benchmarks to detect new growth opportunities.

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What’s Inside?

Apple Search Ads Benchmarks Report 2020 is based on major App Store metrics from SearchAdsHQ for 16 most popular categories and 59 countries and regions.

We’ve analyzed 37.3M app installs, 983.3M impressions and over 1.3M keywords to deliver average metrics for performance and cost:

  • Tap-through Rate (TTR);
  • Conversion Rate (CVR);
  • Cost per Tap (CPT);
  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

In addition to the benchmarks, the report includes Apple Search Ads cost seasonality trends for CPT and CPA, as well as a handy online Interactive Dashboard with the metrics described in the report.

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