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What’s inside?

Apple Search Ads Email Course is based on years of hands-on practice with Search Ads management and optimization for over 400 app publishers and $130M of ad spend. You will learn:

  • Why Apple Search Ads should be considered as a priority UA channel
  • How to craft a transparent and scalable ad account structure
  • Strategies for effective budget management and bid optimization
  • How to optimize CPA, ROI and other vital ad performance metrics

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12 ASA Features to Know Before Start

First presented almost 2 years ago, Apple Search Ads is still a relatively new channel, not entirely understood by many

In the first lesson, we compiled top 10 Apple Search Ads features you need to know prior to setting up your first ad campaign.

Considering each of these features will ensure that you understand Apple Search Ads as a user acquisition channel, its inner workings, and that you won't make any obvious mistakes on the campaign set-up stage.

  1. Apple Search Ads is based on a second price auction

    It calculates the cost-per-tap you pay based on what your nearest competitor is willing to pay for a tap on their ad. What’s great about this model is that you can never overpay

  2. Apple Search Ads has 50 times higher CTR

    With avg CTR of 50%, ad banners in Search Ads are clicked almost 16 times more often than in Google ads (avg 3.17%) and over 50 times more often than in Facebook ads (avg 0,9%)!

  3. Apple Search Ads reaches highly-engaged users

    Over 70% of users searching for a particular app on the App Store see Search Ads. Coupled with 50% avg CTR and 65% of direct app installs from search, Apple Search Ads is the most effective UA channel for your iOS game or app.

  4. Apple Search Ads has advanced targeting

    You can target audiences based on customer type, age, sex and location, making it easier to acquire your target users right from the App Store’s search page.

  5. Priority ad positioning

    When a user searches on the App Store, a single sponsored ad may appear at the top of the search results. Such positioning allows for better conversion rates and puts you as an advertiser in the leading position versus competitors, whose apps show up on the same page, but lower.

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