Lesson 1. Apple Search Ads Essentials

Lesson 1: Apple Search Ads Essentials:
How to Start

What is Apple Search Ads? Why should I run it?  What are the costs?

In Lesson 1 of our Apple Search Ads tutorial, you’ll find all the answers. Short yet informative, it covers all the basics of running App Store search ads. You will learn just enough to set up your first ad account.

Take the first step to streamlining your mobile app marketing! 

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Lesson Сontents

  1. What is Apple Search Ads?
  2. Why Use Apple Search Ads?
  3. Apple Search Ads Basic vs. Advanced
  4. Apple Search Ads Use Cases
  5. Apple Search Ads Pricing Model
  6. Apple Search Ads Keywords
  7. Apple Search Ads Account Settings
  8. Data Discrepancies
  9. Apple Search Ads Pros and Cons
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Apple Search Ads Essentials:
How to Start
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