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"The guide is very comprehensive and informative, it gives a clear picture on how to set up and run ASA campaigns successfully. I would really like to have it from the very beginning of my acquaintance with Apple’s ads platform."
Inna Bakunovich, Lead User Acquisition Manager
"This comprehensive guide will be your go to place for any questions you may have regarding Apple Search Ads."
Peter Fodor, Founder & Chief Marketing Agent
Kids Academy
"A must-read for user acquisition and app marketing teams who want to start getting high-quality users with Apple Search Ads."
Ivan Artsimovich, Chief Marketing Officer
Red Rock Apps
"If I've read this book before I started promoting our apps on Apple Search, I would scale our campaigns faster and more effectively."
Ruslan Guzelevich, Senior User Acquisition Manager

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Ch 1.

Introduction to Apple Search Ads

First things first! In this chapter, you will learn why app developers use Apple Search Ads for acquiring users and underwater stones you should keep in mind.

Developing a successful Apple Search Ads structure is all about understanding each of five levels of your ad account. Knowing what you can do on each level will tell you how you can optimize campaigns.

Here we will give full overview of the Apple Search Ads dashboard and show how to use each Apple Search Ads account level in the most effective way.

Ch 2.

How to set up Apple Search Ads

It may be surprising for an app developer but statistics prove that average App Store users do not feel like they deal with an ad when they tap on your banner. For this reason, they behave like an organic user would - having a high conversion rate into install.

That's something that makes low user acquisition costs possible.

In this chapter, we will take a closer look at ad layouts and check which elements make people tap. Here you will find an illustrated step-by-step guide to setting up your first Apple Search Ads campaign.

Ch 3.

How to choose keywords and bids for them

Choosing the right keywords and biddings is challenging. So, here is a step-by-step guide to developing keyword and bidding strategies for Apple Search Ads.

In this chapter, you’ll find tips on building the initial list of keywords. All important keyword elements will be covered here: relevance score, search volume, competition and intent (utility- or discovery-centric).

You will go through all 4 match types for keywords - Exact Match, Search Match, Broad Match - and learn the best practices of using each of them. The most popular use cases of Negative Keywords will be also covered in this chapter.

Here you will also learn why Apple Search Ads works as a second price auction and how you can use it for your bidding strategies:

  • Outbidding
  • Bid Bumping
  • Setting knowingly high bids
Ch 4.

How to analyze Apple Search Ads

A full chapter just about Apple Search Ads analytics. We explain how to interpret results you get and bridge Apple Search Ads with your app attribution partners.

Here you will find full overview of metrics Apple Search Ads allows to track - Impressions, Taps, CR, TTR, Conversions, etc. What's more, we will share key insights you can get from Apple Search Ads Reports.

But for optimizing campaigns, the first thing you need to think about is whether your investments are paying off.

Therefore, in this chapter, your will get a list of all in-depth metrics you need to track - ROI, Goal ROAS, ARPU, etc. - and learn how to track them automatically.

Ch 5.

Managing, Scaling, and Successful Strategies

The most important chapter is about managing and scaling campaigns.

This chapter includes the greatest strategies for keywords, audiences, budgets and visuals we've found so far that help you get, keep and grow the number of installs with lowering a cost per tap.

Here you will learn about creating Discovery and Exact campaigns. The first - for finding the right keywords. The second - for getting money out of them.

To help you not to get lost in your ads, we also share 5 proven Apple Search Ads campaign structures. These are structures that make the full control over budgets and biddings possible.

Since Apple Search Ads is a great tool to drive traffic, we do not want you to stop. For this reason, here you will also find 3 ultimate tactics to scale your Apple Search Ads campaigns.

BONUS: Increase TTR with app A/B testing.

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