Apple Search Ads Keywords Performance 2019

Apple Search Ads Keywords Performance 2019

Optimize Apple Search Ads keywords based on the latest benchmarks.

Get main keyword performance metrics: Impressions Volume, TTR, CVR, CPT and CPA – for every keyword match type.

Also, learn to build the right account structure, manage your budget without overspending and optimize keywords for maximum performance.

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We’ve analyzed


What’s Inside?

Apple Search Ads Keywords Performance report is based on SearchAdsHQ aggregated data. We’ve explored the performance of 1 million keywords to shape best practices in Apple Search Ads keyword optimization.

In the report you’ll discover:

  • How to structure your Apple Search Ads account;
  • How to distribute keywords between Broad Match and Exact Match;
  • How to allocate your ad budget between match types;
  • How long keywords should be to drive your Apple Search Ads performance.

We’ve also analyzed key Apple Search Ads performance metrics for Broad Match, Exact Match and Search Match. The report reveals the benchmarks for Impressions Volume, Tap-through Rate (TTR), Conversion Rate (CVR), Cost-per-Tap (CPT) and Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA).

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Preview of Apple Search Ads Keywords Performance 2019

Apple Search Ads is expected to generate up to $2B of revenue for app publishers by 2020, making the network a go-to for iOS app marketers. The increase in adoption is not surprising due to a stunning 50% average conversion rate in Apple Search Ads.

By promoting via Search Ads, you enter the most common app discovery place – App Store search. As per Apple, 70% of App Store visitors use search to find apps, and this ​search generates ​65% of all app installs. There is no better advertising place for an app to hit.

Another advantage of Apple Search Ads is in that it gives access to high-quality users willing to download your app. ​iOS app publishers get 30% higher average revenues from users who originate from Apple Search Ads compared to other user acquisition channels.

Based on all the benefits of Apple’s ad platform, our team has designed a SearchAdsHQ platform to assist in running ​Search Ads campaigns even more successfully ​and generate even more revenue. We are glad to see that many marketing folks try SearchAdsHQ and appreciate the value we bring.

The basis for this keyword research is the data of our top spenders. For the ​past 6 months (from July 2018 to January 2019), we’ve been tracking our top spenders on the App Store. Apple Search Ads performance 2019 reports is based on the following data:

  • 422M impressions on the App Store;
  • 25M taps on the App Store;
  • 12M iOS app downloads;
  • 1M Apple Search Ads keywords;
  • 13 Apple Search Ads storefronts.

This report covers:

  1. Apple Search Ads account structure and keywords;
  2. Keywords performance by match type;
  3. General and specific keywords.

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