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Here’s what clients say about SearchAdsHQ

SearchAdsHQ provides me with the tools to run ASA at scale most efficiently. It offers the solutions and usability you are missing in the Apple Search Ads UI. Only with SearchAdsHQ we were able to create and maintain an elaborate campaign structure that delivers the results we’re looking for.

Marcus Burke Senior Marketing Manager

The advanced feature set of SearchAdsHQ helps to save time and manage marketing budget more efficiently. The company also consistently provides upscale customer support. That’s why we plan to continue this cooperation for the existing and upcoming projects.

Laura Burankova Senior ASO Manager

SearchAdsHQ is actually very easy to handle and has great usability. Its team showed us that they take our feedback seriously and are eager to further improve their platform.

André Ziller Online Marketing Manager SEA

Overall efficiency has increased drastically as we’ve seen install rates double since we implemented the advice and insights that the SearchAdsHQ’s team provided after our initial account audit. The strategy they suggested was to segment our AdGroup structure which allowed us to bid less on LAT ON users.

Brett Jones User Acquisition Manager

The SearchAdsHQ support team has immensely helped us with advice on the optimization of our campaigns.

Mohammed Al-ismail Marketing Director

In cooperation with SearchAdsHQ, we were able to improve and optimize the automation rules for our needs and now we are able to control the campaigns to a large extent via the tool.

Julia Gädke Mobile Marketing Manager

I feel the whole SearchAdsHQ team is really into their work! This for one is visible by their continuous readiness to address my questions and possible hesitations. You keep suggesting new ideas but also take time and discuss strategies with me in detail and give hands-on support. I feel that I can always contact SearchAdsHQ whenever I have questions, and receive prompt and detailed answers no matter the topic.

Sirid Krüger Marketing Manager

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