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Over 30% ROI growth
SearchAdsHQ users experience 30-40% ROI/ROAS increase on average

10x productivity boost
Managers are completing routine campaign management tasks 10x faster

Deeply integrated with Apple Search Ads and MMPs, SearchAdsHQ provides a comprehensive look at your funnel.

SearchAdsHQ - Apple Search Ads Partner

Apple Search Ads Partner

Official partnership with Apple Search Ads allows us to provide you with immediate access to new Apple Search Ads features and ensure the best possible experience, making your campaign management quick, easy and efficient.

How our customers succeed with SearchAdsHQ

Improving Generated Profit by 22.5%

Now we are able to create and optimize more campaigns at the same time and do more tests without losing the overview or risking overspending on poorly performing elements. With SearchAdsHQ automated rules, we also started to be more aggressive in bidding in order to scale the campaigns in the next months. SearchAdsHQ is actually very easy to handle and has great usability.

Optimizing Ad Spend and Maximizing Efficiency

When we just started with Apple Search Ads, our main mistake was to run campaigns without a well-defined account structure. Further work with App Store ads and SearchAdsHQ experience have proven that clear and functional account structure predetermines seamless process and sensible time input.

Learn how you can benefit with SearchAdsHQ

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How SearchAdsHQ makes your Apple Search Ads more efficient

Reduce manual work and automate campaign management

Stay on top of your Apple Search Ads campaigns with automated rules and alerts. While you’re asleep, SearchAdsHQ automatically increases and decreases bids, pauses and enables keywords according to conditions you specify.

Automatically adjust bids to your target metrics and meet your business objectives without spending hours on constant tweaking.

Scale your Apple Search Ads campaigns

SearchAdsHQ automates manual tasks thus enabling you to focus on scaling campaigns.

  • Manage keywords in bulk and duplicate campaigns within seconds.
  • Quickly find new effective keywords with an in-built Apple Search Ads keyword tool in SearchAdsHQ – Keyword Planner – and start using them immediately.
  • Get transparent analytics on the performance of your campaigns.

Get a comprehensive look at the funnel

Thanks to the integration with Apple Search Ads and all MMPs, SearchAdsHQ enables you to track the full user journey: from tapping on your ad to the target action: install, subscription on an in-app purchase.

ROAS Growth
Profit Growth
Traffic Volume Increase
Lower Cost Per Acquisition