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Make the most of Apple Search Ads with excellent management dashboard, advanced metrics and automation features

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Track What's Important

Integration with Major MMPs

Always get up-to-date and accurate data on app downloads, installs, in-app events, creative sets, etc.

Conversion and Revenue Tracking

Set any in-app action as your optimization goal in a couple clicks. Customize value calculation for your custom conversions.

Custom Integration and Offline Processing

Don’t get limited with MMP’s data - send any events from your internal analytics to SearchAdsHQ with custom API.

Analyze Metrics

CPI, Revenue and Roas Tracking

Track the dynamic of vital metrics right on the dashboard and stay focused on profit.

Cohort Analysis

Analyze day 3, 7, 14 and 30 revenue & ROAS for various cohorts to understand the rate of return from your ad spend and uncover more opportunities for revenue growth.


Track your ad performance trends for different cohorts at any level to find correlations between different metrics and spot peak fluctuations.

Exportable Reports

Export detailed performance reports in CSV for your internal BI and future processing. Never miss a thing with day-by-day data segmentation.

Understand Data Discrepancies

Compare Downloads from Apple Search Ads and Installs from MMPs on SearchAdsHQ dashboard to understand data discrepancies and real ad costs.

Manage Campaigns

Advanced Filters & Search

Filter everything by everything. Look at your account performance data from any angle, split data in segments by performance and compare keywords.

Ad Group Settings Overview

Easily check ad group targeting settings on a custom dashboard and spot mistakes at a glance.

Save Time

Bulk Operations

Manage your keywords in bulk: move across ad groups, increase bids and put keywords on pause whenever needed.

Automated Rules and Alerts

Automatically change bids, adjust settings and pause keywords to optimize ad performance. Set up automated alerts to always stay up-to-date.

Unlock Scaling Opportunities

Automated bid management

Define your target metric and watch SearchAdsHQ take over your keyword bidding based on preset conditions.

Keyword Planner

Automate keyword research and uncover keyword performance insights, essential for running successful Search Ads campaigns.

Fast Duplication

Duplicate your fine tuned campaign structure for new apps or storefronts in 3 clicks - and scale successfully.

SearchAdsHQ is best for:

Growth Stage Publishers

Automation rules & alerts, quick keyword research and easy-to-configure dashboard.

SearchAdsHQ makes it easy to start working with Apple Search Ads and automate ad campaign management with automation features, smart dashboard and more.

Enterprise publishers

Managing Apple Search Ads on a large scale is easy in SearchAdsHQ. Optimize performance for thousands of keywords and ad groups with bulk editor, quick duplication and best-in-class account navigation features.

Marketing Agencies

Multiple ad accounts support paired with management and automation features makes SearchAdsHQ a go-to solution for agency Apple Search Ads management.

Optimize your Apple Search Ads campaigns with SearchAdsHQ

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