Search tab ads Benchmarks 2021

This report covers Search tab ads average TTR, CR, CPM, CPT, CPA

Search tab ads Benchmarks 2021
Max Kamenkov, CEO at SplitMetrics & SearchAdsHQ

This report is designed to help mobile publishers discover opportunities for growth and brand enhancement by comparing the performance of their Search tab campaigns with the industry benchmarks.

Max Kamenkov, CEO at SplitMetrics & SearchAdsHQ

What’s Inside

This report includes average Search tab ads benchmarks based on the aggregate data from SearchAdsHQ from May to August 2021.

We’ve analyzed 11 app categories and 60 Apple Search Ads countries to deliver average Search tab ads cost and performance metrics:

  • Tap-through Rate (TTR)
  • Conversion Rate (CR)
  • Cost per Tap (CPT)
  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Cost per Mille (CPM)
  • Statistics by country (CPM, CPT, CPA, TTR, CR)
  • Cost trends: CPM, CPT and CPA overall trends, trends for top App Store categories and 15 Search tab ads countries and regions
  • Month-over-month changes in CPM, CPT and CPA.

Download this report to keep abreast of top trends in your niche, improve marketing KPIs and grow your app.

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Max Kamenkov, CEO at SplitMetrics & SearchAdsHQ

Search tab ads is a very recent ad product, and SplitMetrics unveils interesting insights early on.

Thomas Petit, Independent App Growth Consultant

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scaled Apple Search Ads with SearchAdsHQ
Sylvain Gauchet, Senior Manager, Growth & Mobile Marketing at Babbel
Sylvain Gauchet, Senior Manager,
Growth & Mobile Marketing at Babbel
I’ve found SearchAdsHQ to be the most user-friendly and reliable tool to manage Apple Search Ads campaigns, save time and enhance the whole process via elaborate automation rules. The SearchAdsHQ team listen attentively to feedback and continuously improve the product to stay on the cutting edge.
cut CPA for conversions in half with SearchAdsHQ
Victoria Rodkina, Marketing PPC Team Lead at FxPro Group
Victoria Rodkina
Marketing PPC Team Lead at FxPro Group
Eventually, we use the Apple Search Ads console very rarely, because we have everything we need in SearchAdsHQ – all statistics, including conversions / CPA. We can manage bids and budgets, we can create the rules for automatisation, which really helps and saves a lot of time.
Sirid Krüger, Marketing Manager at Flowkey
doubled ROAS and increased custom conversions by 200%
Sirid Krüger
Marketing Manager at Flowkey
I feel the whole SearchAdsHQ team is really into their work! This for one is visible by their continuous readiness to address my questions and possible hesitations. You keep suggesting new ideas but also take time and discuss strategies with me in detail and give hands-on support. I feel that I can always contact SearchAdsHQ whenever I have questions, and receive prompt and detailed answers no matter the topic.
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