Make Apple Search Ads profitable at scale

Deeply integrated with Apple Search Ads and MMPs, SearchAdsHQ provides end-to-end look at your media buying funnel. Get full control of ad performance and leverage automation to grow ROI and save time.

SearchAdsHQ - Apple Search Ads Partner

Apple Search Ads Partner

SearchAdsHQ is recognized as an Apple Search Ads Partner. It allows us to provide you with immediate access to new Apple Search Ads features and ensure the best possible experience,
making your Apple Search Ads campaign management quick, easy and efficient.

SearchAdsHQ is deeply integrated with your measurement partners

SearchAdsHQ bridges the gap between dynamic data in Apple Search Ads and inside your MMP, so that you can better optimize campaigns towards in-app events that bring revenue and maximize ROI.
01 Profitability

Crush your advertising KPIs

Thanks to the full and complete integration with all MMPs, SearchAdsHQ lets you see a user’s path from a banner tap to the desired in-app action.

Bid up campaigns that bring revenue, fix budget leaks and get alerts on keywords that underperform to hit target ROI.

Do this with:
  • Integrations
  • Filters
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard
  • Alerts
  • Cohorts
  • Charts
02 Scaling

Accelerate your ad account growth

SearchAdsHQ automates manual tasks to let you focus on scaling campaigns.

Scale fast – add new keywords with high potential and duplicate campaigns to new storefronts in 3 clicks.

10 or 10,000 – manage keywords in a snap with advanced navigation, bulk operations and filters.

Do this with:
  • Bulk management
  • Keyword planner
  • Duplication
  • Fast navigation
  • Filters
  • Workflow automation
03 Automation

Cut down on manual tasks

Stay in charge of your ad spend, TTR and CPA even when you’re asleep with automated rules and alerts.

Automate and optimize the entire Search Ads buying process with automated CPA bidding.

Do this with:
  • Automated rules & alerts
  • Automated CPA bidder

New In Product

All-new SearchAdsHQ charts help you visualize ad campaign performance, compare metrics and see day-by-day fluctuations on informative charts, designed for quick and easy data analysis.
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Enhance data visibility

Analyze your ad account performance easier with visual charts.

Discover patterns

Compare changes in metrics, easily see correlations and identify patterns.

Analyze trends

Notice positive and negative performance trends just in time.

Identify spikes and drop-offs

See abrupt changes in data to timely notice growth opportunities or prevent losses.

A full stack of tools for efficient Apple Search Ads management

Bulk management

Manage and duplicate campaigns, change bids and settings – all in bulk.

Automation rules

Automatically change bids, pause keywords, add to keywords to negative or get notifications based on your custom conditions.

Advanced reporting

See account performance in slice and dice, drilldown and roll-up. Export reports in CSV. Use visual charts to track metrics correlations.

Keyword planner

Expand keywords list with relevant keywords and see their potential performance. Add best keywords to your ad campaigns in bulk fast.

ROI and revenue retention cohorts

See ROI/ROAS dynamics on day 1, 3, 7 and 30 and reveal campaign performance insights hidden in average numbers.

Сonversion optimization

Optimize your App Store app page creatives to ensure high Search Ads TTR and maximize conversion on the app page itself.
Powered by SplitMetrics

Statistics on creative sets

See сreative sets performance data right on the SearchAdsHQ main dashboard.

The complete trackers integration

Fully integrated with top MMPs, SearchAdsHQ provides birds-eye view on your acquisition funnel and allows to optimize for major in-app events.

Limited experience with Apple Search Ads?

SearchAdsHQ helps you grow. Run, optimize, scale Apple Search Ads and reach your KPIs with us.

$200M ad spend per year

Our users processed over $200 million in ad spend last year with SearchAdsHQ

Over 500K keywords

SearchAdsHQ processed and analyzed over 500K keywords, giving us an unmatched view inside the industry

Over 30% ROI growth

SearchAdsHQ users experience 30-40% ROI/ROAS increase on average

Apple Search Ads Guide

1000+ app marketers run their Apple Search Ads based on our educational materials

Apple Search Ads
Online Conference

World’s first ASA online conference was organized by SearchAdsHQ team and gathered over 800 visitors

Upscale customer support

Our support team is always here to help, ensuring that every inquiry is answered fast

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