Lesson 6: Semantics-Based  Account Structure

Lesson 6: Semantics-Based
Account Structure

This lesson dwells on building an Apple Search Ads account structure that scales, generates bigger profit and undiluted performance reports. Explore how to set up a semantics-based structure, how to spread keywords across ad groups, and manage budget and targeting. 

Plus, the lesson covers an advanced way of account slicing based on key Apple Search Ads audiences.

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Lesson Сontents

  1. Why build a proper Apple Search Ads account structure?
  2. Things to consider when setting up an account structure
    •  Campaign goals
    • Countries and regions
    • Ad relevance
    • Past performance
    • Budget management
    • Audience segmentation
  3. Semantics-Based Account Structure
    • Brand Campaign
    • Generic campaign
    • Competitors campaign
    • Discovery campaign
    • Proxy campaign
    • Managing budget for semantics-based account structure
  4. Account structure segmentation by audiences
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