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SearchAdsHQ Professional Exam for Search Ads

With SearchAdsHQ Professional Exam for Search Ads, you can check your knowledge in setting up, managing and optimizing Apple Search Ads campaigns, and get a personalized certificate if successful.

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The SearchAdsHQ Professional Exam for Search Ads consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and takes 120 minutes to complete. Demonstrate your expertise in:

  • Account settings
  • Campaign structure
  • Keywords management
  • Metrics and KPIs to track
  • ROI optimization
  • Data discrepancies
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Not ready to take a test just yet?
Enroll into Apple Search Ads Course to revise your knowledge and get excellent results.


Why should I get certified?

SearchAdsHQ Professional Exam for Search Ads is a great way to test and prove your knowledge and skills. You will recieve a certificate upon successful completion of the exam from the official Apple Search Ads Partner - SearchAdsHQ. This will be a powerful proof of proficiency that you can bring to the job market, your current or future employer.

How can I prepare for the test?

Enroll into Apple Search Ads Course to revise your knowledge and get excellent results. After you finish the Course, you’ll be able to get maximum ROI from your ad spend, effectively optimize and scale Apple Search Ads campaigns and automate boring tasks, while focusing on what’s important for the business.

What kinds of questions should I expect?

The exam consists of 100 questions, covering the whole spectrum of Apple Search Ads-related topics: from basics to advanced (account set up, campaigns management, performance optimization etc).

This exam is based on information provided for free in Apple Search Ads Course and covers topics discussed in the course.

How much time will I have to pass the exam?

There is a time limit of 120 minutes to complete this exam, after that your answers will be submitted automatically even if you have not finished the test.

What if I don’t pass the exam on the first try?

Keep in mind that you have to correctly answer at least 80% of the questions to pass and get certified. If you don’t pass the exam, you can try again – you have 3 attempts in total. We will keep your highest score.

Is the exam free?

Yes, both the SearchAdsHQ Professional Exam and the certificate one recieves upon completion are absolutely free.

How often is the exam updated?

The SearchAdsHQ Professional Exam for Search Ads together with Apple Search Ads Course always stay up-to-date. It will be timely updated with every major change in Apple Search Ads ecosystem, whether it is a change in the network itself, new benchmarks, insights, or new best practices.

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