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Apple Search Ads Benchmarks Report Q1-Q2 2021

Apple Search Ads Benchmarks report. Q1-Q2 2021

The report covers average Apple Search Ads CPT, CPA, TTR and CR – overall, by categories and by countries. Find out Apple Search Ads trends for top App Store categories and most popular Apple Search Ads countries. Spot growth opportunities by comparing your performance with the latest Apple Search Ads benchmarks.

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We’ve analyzed

Thomas Petit, Independent App Growth Consultant

SplitMetrics' ASA benchmarks give a fantastic perspective on trends on the App Store in general, and Apple's unique ad product in particular. In this latest edition, some significant shifts are highlighted for 2021.

Thomas Petit, Independent App Growth Consultant

What’s Inside?

This report includes average Apple Search Ads benchmarks based on the aggregate data from SearchAdsHQ from January to June 2021.

We’ve analyzed 15 App Store categories and 61 Apple Search Ads countries to deliver average Apple Search Ads cost and conversion metrics:

  • Tap-through Rate (TTR)
  • Conversion Rate (CR)
  • Cost per Tap (CPT)
  • Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Statistics by country (CPM, CPT, CPA, TTR, CVR)
  • Top Apple Search Ads gainers and losers across the App Store categories
  • Cost trends: CPT and CPA overall trends, trends for top App Store categories and most popular Apple Search Ads countries and regions
  • Quarter over quarter changes in TTR, CR, CPT and CPA.

Download this report to keep abreast of top trends in your niche, improve marketing KPIs and grow your app.

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Max Kamenkov, CEO at SplitMetrics & SearchAdsHQ

In 2021, Apple Search Ads is one of the most effective ad platforms that helps developers and marketers address users at the right time — anticipating their intent. Our mission is to help publishers optimize Apple Search Ads campaigns and make the most of this ad channel, that’s why we clearly understand the importance of benchmarks for the community.

Max Kamenkov, CEO at SplitMetrics & SearchAdsHQ

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